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I am hoping to get some queens raised this year. If you want something you can be sure of, this is probably not going to help that much, but if you want some, check back here about the middle of June and again about the end of June and I should have some updates on that. It's too time consuming to keep a list when I may not find time to raise them. Once I have some I will start a list and it will be first come first served. When I have some you can either take them then or cancel and I will move down the list. Queens will be $50 each queen plus $20 shipping and handling for each package of queens i.e. one queen would be $50 + $20 = $70 and ten queens would be $500 + $20 = $520. They will be shipped express mail. I can't ship when the weather is too hot either here or there or what is likely to be the path from here to there.

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About My Queens

I've been catching feral swarms for 39 years, but I got serious about keeping the genetics only recently. These feral survivors are the basis of the genetics of the bees I keep now. I started offering them for sale in 2004. Some queens come out black, some are Tiger Striped and a few are Gold. Queens will be marked. Virgin queens are riskier to introduce or at least very different to introduce than a laying queen but they will mate with the local drones. Virgin queens are available for $25 each queen plus $20 shipping and handling per package.


Black Queen Bee Black Queen Circle Of Attendants Black Queen

Black Queen

Black Bees Worker Wing

Black Bees. Can you spot the queen? Back wing of black worker bee.

Michael Bush

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