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The Practical Beekeeper
Interns/Apprentices needed for 2019 bee season

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I am still in need of an intern or some interns.

First some background. I have had people ask if they could be an apprentice before, but I have always discouraged them because I work full time and I was still in the middle of moving from my old house, fixing the new one etc. I realize, though, that there are people who want to learn and I do have more time than I used to as I work four day weeks now so I do have three days a week, besides evenings, to spend on beekeeping during the bee season. Maybe not every week, but enough to teach. I've also managed to push my speaking engagements to the fall and winter so I'm not gone every weekend. So I think I could offer some education, some "one on one" time and room and board to someone. I would not be able to pay you, but I have a room and if I get more than one, I could come up with a tipi for you to stay in and direction for bee work. I can get you started rearing queens and give you feedback as you progress. So what it comes down to is this, if you have no financial obligations so you can afford it and would like to stay at my house from now to the end of Septemeber and do beework, particularly queen rearing, for and with me, I can provide a room (for the first intern) or a place to camp out (for a second intern) and meals and an education in queen rearing and beekeeping. So for free you can do "bee camp" all through the bee season. For more of an idea of what we would be doing and where you would be staying, take a look at the bee camp page. It would be similar but for the whole bee season and free.

Here's the house you'd be staying in:

Pollard House

If you are interested in being my apprentice email me at:
email address

Volunteer assistant needed

I have a serious shortage of time in my life. I got this idea from "The Girl Next Door Honey", Hilary. Last year for bee camp I received an email from her "assistant". Of course I had to tell her how jealous I was that she had an assistant and how do you manage to do that? She said she just asked for one and suggested I do the same. So here it is. I need an assistant. I don't have the money to pay one right now, but an assistant would be a great asset for many projects I do. You would not have to be here (as the intern/apprentice would need to be) but you could help with keeping my schedule, correspondence, proofreading books etc. and it could be done long distance. Though a local person could also help with queen rearing, cut outs, swarm catches etc. I'm a very detail oriented person. This would require attention to detail and good English and writing skills. I realize this is asking a lot, but I figure it costs nothing to ask.

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