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Box Building Jig

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I was expanding my beekeeping and bought a lot of new equipment so I decided to build a jig to assemble the boxes. Here are pictures.

Empty jig (minus the follower boards) Putting in the follower boards Putting the ends in Putting the first set of sides on Get them tight Nailing bee boxes Flip it over to do the other side After nailing the other side, remove the jig Remove the follwer boards from inside the boxes

First picture is the hive box jig without the follower boards. Second is the follower boards being put in. The third is ends being put in the jig. The fourth is the sides being put on. The fifth is the sides being hammered into place with a mallet. The sixth is the sides being nailed. The seventh is the jig being flipped to do the other side. The eighth is the jig being removed after nailing the other side. The ninth is the follower boards being removed from the middle of the boxes.

Michael Bush

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